The Aurora Wager

Aurora Wage

This game is wonderful. You take part in a race to the north pole in a hot air balloon. Your friend challenges you to a race to the north pole and along the way are islands. You need to find fuel every now and again to fuel your engine. There are little arrows that show you which direction the wind is going and there is different layers to this wind. You will spot islands along the way that have randomly generated things on them. Anywhere from engine upgrades, to fuel, to a grappling hook. This isn’t a game to be played lots just to sit down for an hour or two and enjoy. Your ship comes with a compass, fuel, a flag, an engine, basket, and most important a balloon. You scavenge things up as you go and needless to say I’ve never beaten this game because both times my balloon flew off without me. I will state now jumping is VERY floaty. Also don’t go into the fog, it kills. It’s a really good game considering it was made in seven days. I really enjoyed the hour i spent with this game. Also did I forget to mention it’s free??


My Score: Just play it you won’t regret it and it’s free.


Game Link:



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